Since 1898

Maison Gillardeau honors the legacy of its founder, Henri Gillardeau, by constantly striving for excellence and passing on its expertise. Driven by a passion for her craft and a relentless quest for perfection, she constantly innovates to maintain superior quality. From the start of production through to packaging, every member of the Gillardeau team strives to maintain a standard of excellence, ensuring the exceptional quality of our products.

Les valeurs - Maison Gillardeau


Excellence is at the heart of Maison Gillardeau’s values. Since its foundation, this commitment is illustrated by the fact that the founder signs the oyster cases, being one of the first to put his name on his products.

This tradition lives on today, thanks to the meticulous care given to the oysters and each new initiative from the Maison. The consistent quality of its oysters has earned it an important place in French gastronomy.


Innovation is deeply rooted in the identity of Maison Gillardeau. This value, underpinned by a commitment to quality, has been a major contributor to its reputation. Today, Gillardeau teams strive to maintain this innovative spirit through a variety of initiatives.

From the design of their oysters to laser engraving to guarantee authenticity and prevent counterfeiting, from automatic stuffing machines to a mobile foodtruck, Maison Gillardeau is constantly innovating. These efforts combine tradition, modernity, authenticity and creativity, embodying the many qualities of the Maison.


Maison Gillardeau makes it a point of honor to support its employees throughout their careers. Attentive to their needs, it values their work and offers them opportunities for development, always motivated by a passion for the product. The company’s priority is to develop the skills of its employees.

Finally, passing on human values is essential for this family-run business, which is dedicated to the well-being and respect of its employees.