The marcelle

Maison Gillardeau continues to innovate, while putting its know-how at the heart of its practices for four generations. The Marcelle was designed as a tribute to the traditional use of vans by the company, essential to its operations. Every day, these vehicles transport the bags of oysters for the preparation of the “bourriches”.

The concept

In those days, founder Henri Gillardeau used vans to deliver the first oysters to Paris. Today, Véronique continues this tradition with La Marcelle, inaugurated on March 8, 2017, the first food truck equipped with a removable oyster bar, bringing Gillardeau quality right to your doorstep.

Thanks to this mobile boutique, the Maison offers the opportunity to taste fresh, quality products at temporary sales and events, and in close proximity to oyster lovers.

Intérieur de La Marcelle - Maison Gillardeau
Maison Gillardeau - La Marcelle - Photo d'archive de Marcelle Gillardeau


To create her food truck, Véronique Gillardeau chose to work with Peugeot Design Lab, specialists in automotive design. La Marcelle, inspired by the oyster-farming tradition, uses materials such as wood and slate, with touches of stainless steel for an elegant, modern design.

The Marcelle reflects the spirit of the Maison with a functional, sophisticated and innovative design.

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The La Marcelle food truck is equipped with a refrigerated area maintained at 8°C, ensuring the freshness of the oysters served. Once installed, La Marcelle is transformed at the back into a removable oyster bar, with a work surface at an ergonomic height, allowing customers to directly observe the shucker and the Maison’s products.

This configuration offers a warm and friendly tasting experience, encouraging exchanges between professionals and amateurs, and creating an ideal setting for an exceptional moment.