From Henri to Thierry and Véronique, excellence has always been at the heart of Maison Gillardeau’s values, a heritage that we carry on from generation to generation. From the oyster bed to your table, we carry out meticulous checks every day to ensure the superior quality of our products.

L'excellence Gillardeau

OUR expertise

Upon arrival, Maison Gillardeau carefully inspects the quality of the oysters to ensure that their shape and meat content meet our high standards as well as those of our customers. We constantly monitor the salinity and oxygen concentration of the water in our ponds to ensure ideal conditions for the well-being and growth of our oysters.

Recurrent water analyses and tests are carried out several times a day. Finally, after a thorough cleaning to eliminate any parasitic shellfish, the oysters are sorted by size by hand before being packed.

Laser engraving and protection against counterfeiting

Our expertise, carefully handed down from generation to generation, enables us to sculpt the oyster as the sea shapes the coastline, according to the tides and the seasons. It’s thanks to this unique craftsmanship that the Gillardeau oyster, with its unrivalled taste and often imitated, was born.

To protect our production against counterfeiting, we laser-mark the shell of each oyster with our emblematic “G” before packaging, thus ensuring the authenticity of the Gillardeau oysters you taste. You can check the authenticity of your oysters on our website here.

An oyster appreciated by top chefs

The Gillardeau oyster, famous for its meticulous aesthetics and the generosity of its flesh, has won over many eminent chefs around the world.

Its delicate, exquisite flavor makes it a benchmark in the world of gastronomy, unanimously recognized for its pure, unadulterated quality. The chefs treat it with the utmost respect, always seeking to enhance its qualities without altering it.

Tartare gastronomique réalisé avec l'huitre Gillardeau
Gravure Huitre Gillardeau

Described as the “Rolls-Royce of oysters”, the Gillardeau is a culinary gem appreciated the world over, perfect for gracing the most prestigious tables.